Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

On-going Registration

SUCCESS Gymnastics is open year-round. Once your child is enrolled at SUCCESS Gymnastics,
she/he will be enrolled until we are notified otherwise. This means that whenever your child
would like to take a break, you will need to fill out a withdrawal notice at the front office by
the 15th of the month prior to effective month. SUCCESS reserves a spot for your child until we
are notified by you IN WRITING. Telling your child’s teacher or leaving a voicemail (rather than
filling out the appropriate drop form at the front desk) is NOT considered proper notice.
Please note that in the months of June, July, and August our class schedule is reduced, and you
may be notified by SUCCESS to transfer to another class and time if your regular class day and
time is not offered during these summer months. If the suggested date and time for the
summer class does not work and you need to drop the class, you, again, need to complete a
withdrawal form or a transfer form to a different class.  

JackRabbit Software


When registering for a class at SUCCESS you are directed to create a Parent Portal account.
This account allows you to check payments, add classes and enroll for other events, such as
clinics, birthday parties, summer camps, and open gyms. Email communication will also be
through the JackRabbit software.



Starting Mid-June SUCCESS will be implementing SpotTV as a way for parents to view their
athlete’s participation on their phone. Each family will set up their viewing through their
JackRabbit parent portal. You will only have access to log on and view only your child’s class.
We also have a parent viewing area on our second level.

Tuition Fees

• Tuition will be charged to your parent portal account on the 1st of each month. It is your
responsibility to keep credit card numbers updated throughout the year. This can be
done through your parent portal account or stopping by the office.

• You will be charged a $25 fee if your card is denied.
• Tuition is the same EVERY month regardless of the number of weeks of class. While
some months have 5 classes, and we do not charge extra, we also do not pro-rate for
an occasional month with only 3 classes.

• Tuition is not prorated for missed classes, and no refund will be issued for cancellations
due to inclement weather.
• Our curriculum is designed to start any day of the month.
• All breaks and holidays are previously factored into your monthly tuition and are not
prorated month to month.
• Monthly tuition is based on a calendar year. Your first month payment and registration
fee will need to be received before the first day of class in order to hold your athlete’s
spot in the class.

Annual Registration Fees

• A registration fee of $35 is due when you pay your first month’s tuition and on the
anniversary of your first registration. Your parent portal account will be charged this
fee on the anniversary date. A discounted rate of $30 is available for each additional
sibling, which is also paid with the first month’s tuition and the charged on the
anniversary of your first registration.
• An annual Safety Compliance fee ($10-$15) will go into effect starting September 2020
to assist in COVID-19, USAG, and Safe Sport compliance. Exact amount will be
announced prior to the start of the school year schedule

Sibling Discount on Registration Fee


We have a sibling discount for our Annual Registration Fee. The 1st registered child is $35, and
the 2nd and 3rd children are $30.

Year round Classes


• Classes are held year-round.
• You will be notified by your coach if your gymnast is being moved to a different class.
You can then stop by the office to fill out a class transfer form.
• If you need to switch times/day of your gymnast’s class please stop by the office and fill
out a transfer form. A charge of $10.00 will be billed to your account if you transfer
more than 2 times within 6 months.
• SUCCESS reserves the right to close a class at any time, due to low registrations. You will
be notified by email or phone if this should arise.

Withdrawal notice


If your child needs to discontinue participation in class, you must personally complete a
SUCCESS withdrawal form and return it to the front office by the 15th of the month. No
withdrawal notices via phone or email please.


Failure to properly notify SUCCESS will result in continued tuition charges. Tuition is due for
the entire month in which a drop occurs and accounts will be charged accordingly. This allows
us time to open your child’s spot to another gymnast, take your account off of automatic
billing and adjust our coaching staff if needed.

Missing Classes and Make-up Policy

Please call or email the office if your child will miss a class. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow make-ups for missed classes. However, SUCCESS will host a FREE open gym each spring to make up for a class that you may have missed. Please watch for this to be emailed out.

If your child misses two or more classes due to a serious illness, injury or surgery, please communicate to the office ASAP. We will consider make-ups after your child is better. Please note in the months of June, July, and August we do allow make-ups. All make-ups during these months need to be approved through the office at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to not overbook a class.

NEW! Scheduling absences and make ups can now be done through your parent portal during the months of June, July and August.

Coming Ready for Class

Leotards are best.

Please wear comfortable and safe clothes free of zippers and snaps for the safety of the athletes.

Swimsuits and sports bras that expose the midriff area are not acceptable. We are following the rules and policies of USAG Safe Sport.

For safety reasons, long hair should be pulled back.

Merchandise for Sale in Lobby

Leotards and booty shorts are for sale in the lobby. They change every month, so grab your favorite when you see it. Prices are on wall near rack.

T-Shirts and other SUCCESS apparel are also available.


Purchases can be made for these items at the office window.

Loyalty Card

Stop by the office today to get a loyalty punch card, and start earning prizes!

Open Gym

We offer Open Gym throughout the year!

Open Gym is open to all SUCCESS members and non-members. Schedules and prices will be posted on our website.

Office Hours (subject to change)


Monday-Thursday 9:00-noon, 4:30-8:00


Private lessons

Our coaches offer private lessons. Please email the office for more information and to schedule a time.

Gymnast Progress


Your gymnast will be evaluated throughout the school year through the class lesson plans and
circuits. Your coach will notify the office if they feel your gymnast is ready to move to another
class. The office will then notify the gymnasts family via email.


All gymnasts will receive a certificate and progress report the first week of May. This certificate
will identify what class your child should enroll in.

Please keep in mind every child progresses at a different pace. Some levels may take 6 months
to master while some may take a year.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please contact the office, and they will
let the coach know, so they can contact you.


Contact Us


Please make sure you are getting our emails. We do a lot of communication through email.
Please enter all email addresses you wish for us to communicate with on your parent portal

Inclement Weather


SUCCESS will announce on Facebook and our website if classes are cancelled. By 2:00 pm for
evening classes and by 8:00 am for morning classes. We do not always follow the public
school’s early dismissals and late starts due to weather.

Refer a Friend


Get a $10 referral credit when a friend becomes an active athlete at SUCCESS Gymnastics.
(Details in the office.)

Like us on Facebook


Updates are posted on Facebook.


Pictures from meets and other events are on our Facebook page.

End of the Year Celebration (Be Bray-ve Spring Show)


• The third weekend in May we will have our annual Spring Show. Please see website for
actual dates.
• The Spring Show will be held in at least 6 separate sessions. The classes have been
divided between the 6 sessions to offer better viewing for our spectators and shorter
sessions for our gymnasts. Your gymnast will be assigned a session.
• The Spring Show is held at SUCCESS Gymnastics.
• We will order SUCCESS leotards and Spring Show t-shirts prior to the show. They are
not required but recommended. We do not order extra leotards, so please turn your
form in by the deadline. (We ask that everyone return this form, even if you do not plan
on participating.)
• A ticket stand will be set up in the front lobby to purchase tickets in advance, usually the
second week of May. Everyone including parents will need a ticket to view the show.

• Please don’t worry if you do not purchase your admission ticket in advance, we will have
a seat for everyone. Gymnasts participating are FREE.
• Your child will demonstrate the skills they have been learning in their classes on the
floor, bars and beam.
• You are asked to arrive 20 minutes before your child’s session starts. When you arrive,
please find a SUCCESS coach at the admission table, so they can escort them backstage.
We ask that parents are responsible for gymnasts’ personal belongings. Once your
gymnast is with a SUCCESS staff member parents and spectators will proceed into the
SUCCESS gym and pick out their seats and wait for the show to begin.
• Doors will open 30 minutes before each session begins.
• During the show, all gymnasts will remain with their class and their coach until the
completion of the show.
• All gymnasts will receive a medal after they perform.

We offer a money back guarantee on tuition.


*This applies to newcomers only


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.