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Class Descriptions

Preschool Classes


Tumblebugs I - (18 months-3 years)

A parent/toddler class centered around age-appropriate developmental movements and socialization. Fun obstacle courses will be used for classes along with development of the four “big kid” events (vault, bars, beam, floor) on size scaled equipment.


Tumblebugs II - (4 years-5 years)

No parents needed here!  This class will introduce more physically challenging skills that give the children stronger bodies and sharper minds, as well as a clear understanding of their bodies' capabilities and limitations. Obstacle courses are still used along with size scaled equipment.


Progressive Classes


These classes include instruction on the Olympic events (vault, bars, beam, floor) and are divided by age and ability. The program is structured so that the gymnasts are rewarded as they progress through various skill levels. When certain levels are passed, your athlete will be invited to move up to the next level. All classes at SUCCESS are geared towards a team whether it is the JO TEAM or XCEL TEAM.


Advanced Tumblebugs - (5 years-6 years)

Because of their age, Advanced Tumblebugs are able to handle a class which is slightly more skill oriented. As the year moves along, we challenge the athletes with more difficult skills and less general movement. This way we prepare the child, physically and mentally, for recreational gymnastics classes.  No more obstacle courses!  The Advanced Tumblebugs have graduated to full sized equipment!


SUCCESS I - (7 years & up)

This class is built for new gymnasts and places an emphasis on building basic skills, strength, and flexibility.



For athletes who have completed our beginner program or who have had some gymnastics experience.


Fast Track


This program moves through skills at a faster pace compared to the Recreational program. The Fast Track program is a try-out/invitation only group.


Mini Hot Shots - (4 years-5 years)

These young athletes have established high gymnastics ability and desire through the Tumblebugs class.  They have been invited to join our Fast Track program and will hopefully join our Team program in a few years!


Super Mini Hot Shots - (5 years-7 years)

After all correct skills, form and technique have been established in Mini Hot Shots, they can move up to our "SUPER HOT SHOTS". 


Hot Shots - (5 years-7 years)

These athletes have established the required gymnastics skills through the Super Hot Shots class. 


JO Pre-Team

These athletes have established the core skills in the Hot Shot Program and are beginning to train the USAG Level 3 skills.



XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program. This program is try-out or invitation only. This program is for anyone who desires the challenge of "optional" routines and competition and wanting a limited time commitment. Participants are able to experience optional competition without the huge commitment necessary for the JO program. The XCEL Program fosters team work and has incentives for continuous improvement.

*All XCEL Team Classes are required to come at least two days a week.



XCEL Bronze

XCEL Silver

XCEL Gold/Platinum 




This is a class for Boy's & Girls ages 6 and up! The athlete will work on tumbling passes on the floor, trampoline skills and the tumble track. The athlete will also work on flexibility and strength.

Ninja Classes


These classes are for boys and girls ages 6-16! The Ninja sport is a different form of gymnastics, focused on skillful rolls, jumps, and flips, all through continuous movement. As the year goes on, the students will develop their strength, balance, power, and agility in order to move through our special Ninja equipment and lesson plans.

SUCCESS Spirit Squad


This class teaches basic cheer motions, chants, pom routines, and basic tumbling which is required by most middle and high schools in the area. Cheerleading classes are taught by former high school or college cheerleaders.

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